Rat & Mice Control Services

Rat / Mice Treatment

Rats and Mice are annoying pests that are responsible for causing great destruction inside a property. Getting rid of rats and mice is not at all easy, since they manage to creep through the wall holes and door gaps, and multiply at an alarming rate.

Milton Exterminators is a leading rodent extermination company which is proudly serving both residential and commercial properties with effective rodent removal solutions.

We are here to save your belongings and investment from unwanted damages done by pesky rodents. Our skilled pest control experts are well versed in rodent control.

Signs To Identify A Rodent Infestation

  • Chewed food, paper, and clothes
  • Capsule shaped droppings
  • Weird marks on cardboard
  • Small burrows in the garden
  • Odd smells & screeching noise
  • Damaged plants and wall holes

Why You Need Professional Rat & Mice Extermination?

Rats are responsible for contaminating the food sources and spreading deadly diseases, such as plague, Salmonella, Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis and many other severe infections. To prevent the outbreak of ill-health conditions, it’s quite important to eliminate the rodent population from a property.

At Milton Extermination, we do a perimeter check for entry points and let you know if there is something more going on that may need repair, and we will fill some minor holes with copper mesh or steel wool on site.

Let Us Handle Your Rodent Infestation!

Dealing with rodents on your own can be daunting, time consuming, irritating and costly!

Save your money!!!

Milton Exterminators has the “good stuff “ you cannot buy in stores …and we can’t sell you the product…(people have asked…sorry).

We use the highest quality bait as well as top of the line quality weighted bait stations to ensure you get the most effective treatment for your money.

We procure only the…


Our treatment will save you much more than money!

Make a call to milton exterminators for safe pest control services in milton and surrounding areas.

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