Cockroach Extermination Services

Cockroaches- (Blattodea)

are unwanted insects that not only frustrate a homeowner but are also carriers of microbes which are known to transmit various diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, salmonella among many others.

At Milton Exterminators, we are a team of licensed Cockroach Exterminators who are capable of removing these harmful roaches from your property.

We are a locally owned and operated pest extermination company in Milton Ontario, that is proudly serving both commercial and residential properties with a comprehensive range of roach removal services. We have managed to earn a positive customer reputation by delivering high quality and long-term cockroach control services.

Some common species of cockroaches we deal with are:

  • American Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches
  • Smokey Brown Cockroaches
  • Asian Cockroaches

How To Identify A Cockroach Infestation?

Most of the time, people are not aware of a roach invasion, unless and until they notice one moving in their kitchen. These brown colored pests prefer to live in a dark and moist area which is suitable for hiding and breeding. Some signs to look for while identifying a cockroach infestation are:

  1. Egg casings: Roaches generally produce egg casings that hold multiple eggs inside it. This casing is known as ootheca. If you notice ootheca, this means there are cockroaches.
  2. Dead cockroaches: Since roaches have a shorter life span, they die soon. If you find any dead roach in the kitchen cabinets, washroom or under the refrigerator, there is surely a roach invasion.
  3. Cockroach feces: These insects feed upon every food and waste item. They crawl over the stored food, dead plants, garbage etc. and leave a huge amount of fecal matter over there.

Why Choose Milton Exterminators Over Others?

Milton Exterminators is a trusted cockroach extermination service provider who believes in delivering 100% client satisfaction by using the safest and most effective methods. Our team of Ontario cockroach removal experts offers reliable, durable and affordable treatments to deter the roach population in Milton and surrounding areas.

 Reasons to choose Milton Exterminators include:

  • A team of licensed, certified &bonded pest experts.
  • Safe and effective methods to ensure optimum results.
  • Professional & affordable pest control treatments.
  • 100% customer satisfaction & effective results.
  • Best Products

  • Best Technicians

  • Best Equipment

Milton Exterminators use UNMARKED vehicles to ensure your privacy at all times!

Make a call to milton exterminators for safe pest control services in milton and surrounding areas.

Your Trusted #1 Local Pest Control Specialist & Exterminator.

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